A lot of people turn to the air fryer to cook packaged frozen foods like tater tots, chicken nuggets and French fries, and many parents like that their children can come home from school and safely prepare a snack in the air fryer. But that’s not all it can do.

“This is not a device you have to use for convenience meals. You can make your own items from scratch,” says Brandi Crawford.

“Anything you can bake you can make in an air fryer — chicken breasts, burgers, steak, lamb chops — they don’t have to be breaded. The air fryer cooks them to the perfect temperature — they’re juicy and tender,” Crawford says.

Air fryers are great for cooking vegetables. A light spritz of olive or avocado oil will get your veggies to brown and crisp up. “Most veggies are done in under 10 minutes,” Crawford says. She’s a big fan of green beans, broccoli and mushrooms and she says asparagus and baked potatoes also cook nicely in the air fryer.

McManus raves about Brussels sprouts: “They’re really easy and super delicious.”

And Mims says okra and eggplant are two of his top air fryer choices — they get crunchy on the outside and soft but not gooey on the inside. “The things I like most are things that benefit from partial dehydrating and partial crisping,” he says.

He’s also a fan of chickpeas, which crisp up to a level between a corn nut and a regular chickpea, and using the fryer to crisp-cooked grains like rice and quinoa to add to a salad.

You can also bake in the air fryer, with accessories like loaf pans and muffin molds.

And the air fryer is great for reheating leftovers, especially pizza. “It revives it and makes it crispy,” Mims says.

Some people think you can’t air fry food with wet batter, but that’s not the case. Crawford shares her tip for foods like onion rings — after you dredge them, freeze them for about 10 minutes so the batter doesn’t drip inside the fryer.


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Author: Stephanie Thurrott

Webpage: https://www.nbcnews.com/better/lifestyle/best-air-fryers-recipes-ncna1114616

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