Our Warranty

Please Note: This warranty policy is only applicable to purchases made directly from OHHO’s website. If you have purchased OHHO products from anywhere other than the official website, please check with your retailer for their warranty policy details.


Every OHHO product is warranted for a period of one (1) year from the date of original purchase, covering defects in both materials and workmanship when subject to normal and intended household use. If, during this period of one (1) year, any defect that is covered by the terms of this limited warranty is identified, OHHO will either repair or replace the defective part as appropriate.

If you need to process a warranty claim with OHHO, please contact our Customer Support directly at support@ohhotech.com and we will get back to you. If there are minor issues, our Customer Support agent will provide help in troubleshooting your issue. If that troubleshooting fails to solve the problem, a replacement authorization will be issued. To move forward with a warrant claim, you will need to provide:

  • Proof of Purchase including the date – This must be included with the returned product.
  • Full Name, Shipping Address, Telephone Number, Email Address

Unfortunately, we cannot ship your warranty replacement products to a PO Box. OHHO cannot be held responsible for any delays or unprocessed claims that result from a failure to provide any or all of this necessary information, or inaccurate information in response. All shipping costs must be prepaid by the claimant.

Please send all inquiries to support@ohhotech.com

Aside from the above listed there are no other express warranties.

The repair or replacement provided through this warrant remains the exclusive remedy of the customer. Under no circumstances shall OHHO be help liable for any incidental or consequential damages as a result of said repairs or replacement, nor for any breach of any implied or express warranty beyond that required by any applicable law. Any and all implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for specified purpose relating to this product are limited to the duration of this warranty.